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When Fear Takes Over

Fear isn’t real. Danger is. But fear isn’t. Well, tell that to the funny feeling I get in my stomach every time something comes up that I can’t control or triggers an unpleasant experience. Or challenges my insecurities. Truth be told, if you are living then you are most likely experiencing all of that on a daily basis and if you aren’t… well, get up and go do something!

Funny feelings

That funny feeling… I know it too well. I probably experience it multiple times daily. Like right now as I type this. But there really isn’t any need for it to linger. See fear is tied VERY closely to anxiety. Something I deal with often. But when I am able to step away from my emotions, I realize that it’s very little I need to be afraid of. Fear is an emotion. Fear is a trigger. Fear is an indicator. You are acknowledge that feeling, remove the emotion from it and assess whether or not you are in danger or just anxious and fearful of something you cannot control. Fear is necessary. I mean without it most of us would walk right into some hellish situations that we could have avoided. I don’t envy people who have NO FEAR. I envy those who use fear as a tool to stretch themselves and to assess where the real danger is.

Over the last few years I have really taken time to get to know myself better. Anxiety and fear included. I am a people pleaser. I could stop there because that is 95% of my issue. But, I digress. Because I am a people pleaser I am generally in a state of panic and putting out fires I didn’t start. Ain’t that some stuff… Once I began to let people live their lives and removed myself from their chaos and focused on my own, I have learned to redirect the anxiety and fear. I have less I have to shift through because I am no longer carrying other people’s weight. I am also learning to let people form whatever opinion they have of me. I will no longer try and manage that either. My job is to live the best way I know how and folks will decide for themselves if that is enough.

Now that I know that fear isn’t real. It’s an emotion that I use as a tool. How do I move past the fear and quiet the anxious and reduce the funny feelings in the pit of my stomach?

Start Small

As believers we are constantly being reminded of 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." Well, that's a whole lot easier to say than do.

Whomever told you that this faith walk was going to be a piece of cake after you got saved, told a bigger lie than the one told in the Garden of Eden. I have never done something so challenging in my LIFE! But taking this faith journey with Jesus has been so worth it. And it's HIM that I rely on when my faith is waning and fear begins to take over.

God says that we only need faith the size of a mustard seed... that little bit of faith is enough to cancel the fear in our lives? It can be. Have you ever seen a mustard seed? No. Well here you go.

Photo Credit: www.idisciple.org

What I love about God is that He knows exactly who His children are. He knows that sometimes it is insurmountable to gather BIG faith. That at times all we can muster is mustard seed faith. Want to know what’s dope? He takes that little bit and add His supernatural power to it. In the spirit our faith grows and then it becomes enough for us to move the mountains in our lives. Don’t get it twisted, nothing you do is on your own. The angels assigned to you do some heavy lifting in the spirit.

But, there is work that is required of us all well. Here are some things you can do to move from fear to faith.

1. Find scriptures that increase your faith and meditate on those daily.

2. Jot down your fears. What in the situation is making you afraid? Write down the worst possible scenario. Identify what is emotion based and a fact based danger. Focus on how to remove the danger. The fear will remove itself.

3. Be grateful. Gratitude goes a long way… I feel the old saints now “when you look back over your life and see how He has brought you from a mighty long way…” Remind yourself of what God has already done in your life, knowing He can do it again.

Faith is the Key

Once you move from fear to faith, you will begin to see your life evolve in ways that are unimaginable. Living in faith requires you to lean completely on God. I love it that I can rest comfortably in Him. His track record is stellar!

Don’t let fear rule your life. Increase your faith and live in that.



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