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Oh, Kanye...

Recovery is critical. It must be intentional. But it must be respected.

I am not sure how much I want to say about this particular current event that is Kanye West. It has increased the conversation around Mental Illness, Health, and Wellness. Unfortunately, must people who are speaking about this, have little to no experience, little to no training, and are throwing a diagnosis around very frivolously because it some how validates their support of someone who is intelligent enough to know exactly what he is doing.

If you have the opportunity to watch the interview that Kanye did with Charlamagne thagod, there is one thing Kanye mentioned that I do agree with. He wants to remove the stigma from the word "crazy" in reference to people suffering with Mental Illness. But that is the only place where he and I agree. Personally, I do believe that Kanye suffered a nervous breakdown, or breakthrough as he calls it (I kinda like that too). But Kanye is far from crazy. To attribute his behavior solely to being mentally ill is an insult to those who work on their recovery daily. Don't get me wrong, Kanye deserves time, space, and support to work through his own issues. However, he is also very aware of the decisions he is making. By his own admission, he operates in some narcissism most times. He is calculated and a musical genius by many definitions. To say that he doesn't have control over his statements and his current media frenzy is not true.

What Kanye suffers from is accountability. His behavior suggests that there are very few people in his life who can check him whom he respects. When you are allowed to do and say and be as you like without any accountability, this is what we get. Kanye isn't crazy. Kanye believes he is above correction.

Let's stop attaching mental illness to everything we don't understand and everything we don't want to be accountable for.

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