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Most time we are the problem.

Get out of your feelings!

What is it really that keeps us from accomplishing our goals at any point of the year?  Generally our feelings.  See we become consumed with what and how we feel.  How someone "made" us feel.  And why we have a right to feel how we feel.  All of this is ridiculous!  Why?  Because our feelings weren't designed to control our steps, moves or destiny.  Feelings are designed to help us assess where we are in the moment.  Should we stay or should we run?  Should we trust or not? Are we being loved or used?  Feelings are an indicator, a barometer of sorts, not what we use to justify staying in our feelings.  I am sure we have heard the saying "You stay in your feelings!" Either someone has said it us (my hand is raised) or we have said to someone else (raised hand again) and they are right!  Usually people who "stay" in their feelings are constantly taking things personally and they have their reasons as to why they are feeling the way that they do.  Whatever the reason is valid to that person and no one should try and make them feel otherwise.  However, that is not an excuse to allow your feelings to master you, you must master them.

This is a personal lesson that I am constantly learning.  I feel deeply and often.  Too many times I allowed my feelings to get the best of me and completely control my life.  This would show up as me allowing myself to spiral into a depressed state, blowing up at friends, believing the lies of no one loving me or supporting me, feeling as if I would never accomplish anything.  All of it is a lie and the lie grew until I believed it mostly because of my feelings.  Instead of me using my tools, prayer, affirmations, meditation, exercise, journaling, etc., to move me past what I was feeling to reality, I stewed in them (as my grandmother would have said).  I let my feelings override my good common sense and they began to dictate my interactions not only with others, but with myself. This is time wasted and taken away from accomplishing my goals for the year.  Instead of me shaking off what I am feeling, stating what the reality is, and understanding that feelings will pass, because they always do, I allowed that time to be taken from me.  There is far too much for me to get done in the remaining days that we have this year, to allow my feelings and emotions to slow me down.

It's okay to feel.  You should and if you don't, I would be worried.  But it's not okay to stay there.  Your feelings are only empowered by the attention and time that you give them.  Use it to gauge where you are, who you are with, or what you should be doing.  But after you get the information you need, it's time to shake it off and move forward. 

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