Your diagnosis does not dictate your destiny.

Your faith doesn't have to diminish because of mental illness. 

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Community Based Training

Looking for training on how to identify signs for mental health trauma?

We provide workshops on Mental Health First Aid as certified Mental Health of America trainers.

Faith based training

Looking to provide services, resources, and information to your congregation or faith based community? 

Let us provide a keynote speaker or facilitate workshops on intersecting mental health and illness resources and your faith. 

peer to peer mentoring

Learn more about 1:1 Peer to Peer Mentoring and Coaching program for those who are in recovery and looking to fully integrate their faith into their treatment plans.

We also offer 8 week courses for groups who are experiencing a Mental Health diagnosis first hand.

Consulting & Strategy design

Are you a faith based leader and not sure how to incorporate mental health into your ministry services? 

Let our team help!

state the facts

You are moving from your pit of weakness to your wealthy place.

bible study

Join us in our Facebook Group on Mondays at 8pm. 

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We re-launch March 25th!

Videos are uploaded to YouTube by Tuesday at 12 noon.


prayer requests

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